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3D printing is ideal for the artist or hobbyist.


Print a part for virtually any hobby – model train or plane builder; car enthusiast, do-it-yourselfer, gardener, cyclist, camper, or musician – and yes, we have even printed a working ukulele!  You name it.  If you have a hobby or interest then 3D printing offers something for you. If you are an artist, or have any creative interest, then 3D printing can bring your ideas to life. And remember, parts can be painted; attached to other components and made strong enough to be used in any number of applications.

Check out for just few of the hundreds of thousands of ideas across dozens of categories, brought to life by 3D printers.

At 3D Central we can print the part for you, or you can purchase a machine and with a little training start printing your own. Contact us for more details or check out our line of printers.


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