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3D printing is rapidly entering the world of education, and for good reason.

Photos: Piedmont Virginia Community College

It combines art and creativity with math, science, engineering and technology. It helps engage students in ways traditional teaching methods fail to do.

Through affordability, and user friendly designs, 3D printers are now being used across the country in every age group – from Kindergarten to higher education. And across every program from STEM and STEAM to less obvious disciplines in social sciences. The applications for 3D printing in education are literally endless, and some quite astonishing. Check out the examples below to see some of the amazing ways students and teachers have applied 3D technology to enhance the learning experience.

At 3D Central we believe in finding ways to bring this technology to our local community through special education discounts and student/teacher training programs. We have developed a variety of student centered programs from elementary to college level that both compliment and supplement the standard curriculum. Costs for an in-school or college program start from as low as $200. Please contact us to learn how we can help bring this experience to you, your school, or your college.

K12 – 3D Printing For Educators:

K12 – Whitby School:

K12 – A. MacArthur Barr Middle School:

K12 – Browning School:

Universities – University of Maryland:

Universities –  Florida Polytechnic:

Science – Feinstein Institute 3D Bio Printer:

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