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3D printing is perfect for businesses or entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you have an idea for a new product or a customized promotional item. We can help you design and print it. We can print one, ten, or even hundreds, depending on your needs. 3D printing has its origins as a way to prototype products faster, and now, with FDM printing at a fraction of the cost, not only is prototyping fast, affordable and cost efficient, but so too is manufacturing. Depending on the item, and for quantities up to a hundred or so, 3D printing can more than compete with traditional production methods.

Check out some of the examples below and then send us a few details to get the conversation started and help grow your business.

Creative Sanity

In many health care settings, each doctor and nurse often have their own stethoscope.  These are expensive and personal tools, but they are difficult to identify. Enter Michelle Talbot of Creative Sanity, an Etsy shop that specializes in personalizing this sort of thing. She used to buy tag holders in bulk, injection molded in mass quantities on the other side of the world, and attach a personalized button  — but suddenly the stethoscope manufacturers changed the diameter of the tube, rendering the tag holders ineffective!

She searched for over 6 months for a solution, but the injection molding companies could not move fast enough. Within a week or two of contacting us, we had mocked up a 3D design that was comparable to the injection molded parts. We started manufacturing the parts here locally at a competitive price, and could easily handle any diameter.  A few months later, she bought her first printer with us, took a quick training class, and got started manufacturing them herself. She’s now looking at several new printers to continue to expand her operation.


Yuni Headphones

Over the course of the past few years, one of our first prototyping projects has turned into one of our best products.  A local inventor, Daniel Glass, contacted us about building a prototype for a provisional patent application. His idea was fairly straight forward: his wife had single-sided hearing loss and loved music, but always felt like she was missing part of the experience for songs with stereo sound separation. He had built several duct tape prototypes… but nothing to truly test his design — two speakers in one ear cup for up/down separation instead of left/right. With the help of 3D printing, we were able to finally build a test unit.

Flash forward 6 months later and a Kickstarter 800% funded our first big production run.  Over the years, we have now built hundreds of units, and feedback from users has allowed each batch to be better than the previous. From our base here at 3D Central, we are still able to manufacture-on-demand this product among many others.

The Oregon Pint:

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